Dream your Cape Verde adventure now!

What will tourism be like in the ‘after corona’ era? At the moment it’s maybe too early to speculate, but than again: hope dies last… I guess it’s time for slow tourism in the future, like the life style of Cape Verde. Travelling with time on your side and your eyes wide open, instead of […]

Your holiday or long-stay on the Cape Verde islands

Our house Kaza di Zaza is for sale. But as long as the sale is not a fact, Erick and Marijke happily continue to live and work on Brava. Guests are and remain very welcome! What is the corona situation in Cape Verde? Cape Verde consists of 9 inhabited islands. More than half a million […]

Climate of Cape Verde

What is the best time of year to go on holiday to the Cape Verde Islands? That is a frequently asked question.   Temperatures in the Cape Verde islands are summery all year round. Here on Brava, nighttime temperatures fluctuate between 18 degrees in winter (December, January, February) and 28 degrees in summer (May, June, […]

Travel to Brava

In the Dutch autumn of 2010 I traveled for the first time to the Cape Verde Islands. My friend Erick and I had a two-week vacation for the first time in years. And even more interesting: we had recently decided to leave the busy Dutch life behind. So we, both almost 50 years old, went […]