Kaza di Zaza EN

At Kaza di Zaza you’ll find three basic apartments. Here you can enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of Brava, to the max.
Ideal for relaxing, fishing, hiking, taking a dip in the ocean – whatever you feel like.
Each apartment has ocean view, private terrace, bathroom and cooking facilities.

Kaza Baixo is the down floor of the main house.
4000 escudos per night (about €36), excl. tourist tax.*
Living room and bedroom, single and double bed, kitchenette, electricity.

Kaza Pikinoti is the authentic small cottage, about 15 meters from the main house.
3000 escudos per night (about €27), excl. tourist tax.*
Tiny house, double bed.

Kaza Bom Vista is the unique hut, 25 meter above the main house, on the hillside.
2500 escudos per night (about €22), excl. tourist tax.*
Tiny tiny house, double bed. Lots of privacy.

*Tourist tax on Brava is 220 escudos per person per night. In case of a longer stay, after the 10th night you won’t have to pay tourist tax.