Your holiday or long-stay on the Cape Verde islands

Our house Kaza di Zaza is for sale. But as long as the sale is not a fact, Erick and Marijke happily continue to live and work on Brava. Guests are and remain very welcome!

What is the corona situation in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde consists of 9 inhabited islands. More than half a million people live in Cabo Verde, most of them on the island of Santiago, where the capital Praia is also.

Brava is the smallest inhabited island, with between 5 and 6000 inhabitants. Besides the smallest, Brava is also the biggest challenge to achieve. That is precisely the reason that Erick and Marijke once decided to live on Brava: it is quiet here, with a lot of space, few people, a lot of nature and hardly any tourism. Brava is a top destination for adventure travelers!

But now back to corona. From the start of the pandemic, the Cape Verde government has announced clear measures to safeguard the safety of everyone as well as possible. Broadly speaking, that means until now: face masks in public life, quick tests when you move from one island to another and PCR tests for international travel. All current information can be found on the website

Holiday on Brava

Package travel has not yet started (we write 17 May 2021), but flying to Cape Verde is still possible. Via Lisbon you can fly to Praia on the main island of Santiago in no time. And from there it is possible to sail to Brava four times a week, on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. If you plan it this way with PCR test and flight, you can, for example, depart from Europe on Sunday afternoon and unpack your suitcase here at Brava on Monday evening, without having to test again.

On the spot, on the Cape Verde islands, numerous nice guesthouses, hotels, Airbnb addresses and apartments can be arranged. Like with us, with Kaza di Zaza, for example.

Long-stay: long-term stays in Kaza di Zaza

We understand Europeans’ corona fatigue. Time to get a breath of fresh air and relax on the most authentic Cape Verde island. Especially for long-stayers – people who want a different environment for a few months – we have set new monthly rates. The following applies to our three apartments: they are basic, each have cooking facilities, a double bed, private bathroom and private terrace with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Kaza Pikinoti is an authentic natural stone tiny house, a one-room house on the edge of the impressive ribeira of Fajã d’Água. With electricity and running water.

Price per night: € 32

Price per week: 6 x € 32 = € 192

Price per month: 3 x € 192 = € 576

Price for several months: € 300 p / m

Kaza Bom Vista is an “off the grid” natural stone hiker’s cabin, high on our land. The name says it all: the view is phenomenal!

Price per night: € 23

Price per week: 6 x € 23 = € 138

Price per month: 3 x € 138 = € 400

Price for several months: € 200 p / month

Kaza di Zaza is for sale

Do you want to live here forever? That is also possible! Kaza di Zaza is for sale. As mentioned, Erick and Marijke will continue to live, work and live here until that time. Feel free to come and explore, or just go on holiday while you still can!

In total, the Kaza di Zaza complex consists of a mountain slope on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, on the most beautiful bay of Cabo Verde: the bay of Fajã d’Água. On 1.5 hectares of land there is a house with two independent floors, between the mango trees. And spread over the slope you will find Kaza Pikinoti and Kaza Bom Vista. Four independent accommodation units, ideal for a group of friends. More information via

May 17, 2021,

Marijke Katsburg